Golf fitness tip: Squat to Medicine Ball Toss

September 07, 2020 07:22 AM

Every golfer craves hitting the long ball. Even if you consider yourself more of a “short and straight” golfer, there’s no denying the satisfaction of claiming the deepest drive down the fairway in your foursome. But whether you’re pumping it 290+ or smoothing it 220, developing hip strength and shoulder strength are key elements of building a body that’s fit for golf.

To work on building explosive power—as well as balance—in your swing, the Squat to Medicine Ball Toss is an excellent golf exercise. As the name indicates, this exercise combines the glute activation of a traditional squat pattern with a powerful shoulder workout from throwing the medicine ball.

Practice this routine with a partner (as shown in this video) or throw the medicine ball against a wall to build explosive hips, strong glutes, and powerful shoulders for your golf game.

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