How to start a simple golf exercise program anywhere

September 23, 2020 08:08 AM

As a golfer, you understand how much you rely on a full range of motion to play your best golf. That’s why GOLFFOREVER places a focus on simple exercise routines to improve your posture and increase your mobility to dramatically improve your golf game. Just like your golf swing, it is crucial to practice proper form and good posture—otherwise, you can do more harm than good. And just as you’re constantly seeking consistency in your game, repetition in your workout routine helps build the muscle memory required for a healthier body and a better golf swing. Be sure to check out our additional videos in the Golf Exercises section to start taking the steps toward a better posture and improved mobility. With our easy-to-follow lessons, you’ll soon be able to achieve greater hip and shoulder turn to generate higher swing speeds without damaging your body.

Key Takeaways:

  • Simple exercise routines that change your posture and mobility can dramatically improve your golf game.
  • Practice golf exercises with proper form.
  • Full range of motion is necessary to generate high clubhead speeds.
  • Repetition builds muscle memory.

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