Improve rotational control: Half-kneeling cable lift

September 23, 2020 05:23 AM

The Half-Kneeling Cable Lift is a great golf exercise that builds core strength and rotational power. In this video, you’ll see this exercise being done with some simple equipment. However, please note that this exercise can also be accomplished using items around your house (like a bottle of detergent) as shown within this week’s Featured Fitness video.

Importantly, the Half-Kneeling Cable Lift also teaches you how to control the rotational forces in your swing so there’s no damage done to your spine. This is vitally important to ensure longevity in your golf game.

Be sure to follow Bill’s instruction so that you use proper form and posture throughout this exercise. If you enjoy this exercise and want to move on to a full-body golf workout, be sure to check out this week’s Featured Fitness where you’ll find the Half-Kneeling Cable Lift (swapping out the cable for a bottle of detergent) and many other at-home exercises from the GOLFFOREVER program.

Key Takeaways:

  • Builds core strength and rotational power
  • Teaches you how to control rotational forces so that they do not damage the spine

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