Improve balance and posture: Single-leg balance leg swing

September 23, 2020 06:24 AM

While this exercise looks incredibly simple, it works on several important components of your golf swing—primarily balance, stability, and posture. Generally speaking, balance is the most under-trained aspect within most golf training programs, but as you surely understand, balance is perhaps the most fundamental element of your golf swing.

And given the fact that balance diminishes with age if you do not actively work on it, now is the time to add this simple exercise to your daily golf routine.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, this exercise also increases hamstring flexibility which plays directly into proper setup position and form in your follow-through. Practice this exercise regularly, and you will begin to notice the change in your own game. And for a complete, full-body golf workout, be sure to check out this week’s Featured Fitness article where you’ll gain access to a 30-minute, at-home routine that will touch on all the core elements of golf fitness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increases hamstring flexibility which is crucial for a good setup position and follow-through
  • Trains balance-the most under trained aspect of most golf training programs
  • Good balance is an integral part of the golf swing and diminishes with age if not practiced

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