Simple golf exercise: Hip Circles

September 08, 2020 11:38 AM

If you ever experience lower back pain, improving your hip mobility will help alleviate discomfort while also working to improve the capabilities of your golf swing. Hip joints rely on motion to stay healthy, and it’s important to take steps beyond basic stretching to make sure you activate your hips’ full range of motion. By adding Hip Circles to your routine, you’ll help avoid degeneration as you age and prevent back pain as well as injury.

This simple exercise teaches you how to maximize hip mobility while minimizing motion in the low back—an important skill for golf and for a healthy, pain-free lower back. Be sure to focus on maintaining a neutral spine and ONLY move through the hip joints—remember to avoid creating bigger “circles” as you complete this exercise. Once you’ve added Hip Circles to your workout routine, you’ll be ready to take your physical health—and your game—to the next level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hip mobility is crucial for a good golf swing and a pain free low back.
  • Hip joints rely on motion to stay healthy.
  • This simple exercise helps maximize hip mobility while minimizing motion in the lower back to reduce pain.
  • Remember to maintain a neutral spine and only move through the hip joints.

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