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The importance of a pre-round warmup

Learn why the best pre-round warmup requires more than just beating a bucket of balls. Get your body primed to play your best.

Bill Fabrocini pre-round golf warmup golfforever

The key to playing your best begins with properly warming up before you head out to play. This goes beyond simply grinding through a bucket of range balls 10 minutes before your tee time.

If you aren't warming up in the right way before your round, you're not only sacrificing distance and feel from that first tee shot on, you're also increasing your risk for pain and injury.

Think you might be guilty of this? Don't worry, you're not alone!

That's why we've created the GOLFOREVER Pre-Round Warmup. Our Pre-Round Warmup program shows you how to prepare your body for the hours of swinging and walking ahead. In just a few minutes, you'll feel as loose as ever—and ready to tackle that first tee shot through the last putt on the 18th.

Even if you're getting ready to play 36 holes, our program is designed to maximize your mobility and flexibility for the long haul—while reducing your risk for pain and injury.

The GOLFFOREVER Pre-Round Warmup routines can also be done virtually anywhere. Whether you're at home or in the office, clubhouse, parking lot, driving range—you name it—our program goes where you do and it will make a big impact on your game.

The Two Key Parts of an Effective Pre-Round Warmup

1. Engage the Right Muscles
Believe it or not, it's possible to do almost any movement (including the golf swing) using only some of the muscles designed for that particular movement. That's why it's important to practice exercises that boot the neurologic system and wake up the crucial muscles for the golf swing.

2. Increase Mobility and Flexibility
To avoid injury and maximize your swing range of motion, it's important to go through golf-specific mobility drills in a careful controlled manner before doing it in a fast, dynamic manner (like with the golf swing).

GOLFFOREVER's Bill Fabrocini highlights how you can do this quickly and effectively in our 8-Minute Golf Warmup video below. You'll see Bill go through a quick way to help engage your core and protect your spine before going into some simple, rotational movements to start getting your body ready for the golf swing.

8-minute golf warmup

Adding a Pre-Round Warmup to Your Routine

Hopefully the 8-Minute Golf Warmup above provides a glimpse at how quick and simple an effective pre-round golf routine really can be. Before you play, we encourage you to take 8 minutes to go through this warmup and get your body ready for golf before you step up to the opening tee.

Want to learn more? Visit GOLFFOREVER.COM to build flexibility, mobility, strength and more confidence in your game than ever before.

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