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Full-body golf workout from home in 30 minutes

Please enjoy this comprehensive, full-body golf workout that you can do from home to improve your flexibility, mobility, strength, and rotational control for golf.

For many people, training for golf can feel daunting. Beyond developing your skills on the range or on the course, there is so much additional work that can be done to improve your body for golf as well. But given that the golf swing involves so many body parts and so many muscles, this can feel equally (if not more) overwhelming.

You've likely seen other golf exercises online that involve complicated gym equipment, intense instruction, and intimidating movements. Fortunately, there are many simpler, quicker, and more effective exercises that you can do from anywhere that can dramatically improve your flexibility, mobility, and strength for your golf game.

The GOLFFOREVER program takes this to heart with a robust library of simple—and safe—exercises that golfers can do without any gym equipment, anywhere they are. And this week, we're excited to share a new, full-body golf workout you can do from any room in your home that combines many of our favorite golf exercises in one 30-minute routine.

Best of all—every exercise in this routine can be accomplished with nothing more than a golf club and basic household items.


GolfForever's 30 minute full-body golf workout

As you'll experience in the video above, this full-body workout truly hits on all the important aspects of golf training. You'll build balance. You'll improve upper back and shoulder mobility. You'll increase glute and core strength. And you'll work on the rotational power and control that is absolutely essential to the golf swing.

So, grab a club, grab a gallon of milk, and clear out a little space in your living room… in just 30 minutes, you will be stronger, more flexible more mobile, and more ready to play the best golf of your life.

Want to learn more? Visit GOLFFOREVER.COM to build flexibility, mobility, strength and more confidence in your game than ever before.

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