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What’s the foundation of a good golf exercise program?

How maximizing your exercise program can maximize your golf game

Golfforever Justin Leonard Cable Rotation foundation golf exercise

What’s the foundation of a good golf exercise program? And how can you build on it to maximize all the benefits that come with exercising?

We believe the ultimate objective of any exercise is to improve movement.

Movement is the body’s ability to navigate in every direction with control of all of the body segments. To achieve fluid movement, it is essential to maintain postural alignment while being dynamicand that’s often easier said than done.

Golfforever Justin Leonard finish golf swing

Why is it that people who spend so much time exercising and doing sports have so many problems with their body? Problems such as chronic neck and back pain, shoulder impingement, runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis and golfer’s elbow are common when the focus of exercise and sports mechanics fail to prioritize efficient body movement. And nowhere is this better observed than in golf.

Golf is a challenging game that requires the ability to produce and control twisting forces throughout the body segments, with proper timing and rhythm.
That’s a big demand, and why following an effective golf exercise program is so important.

The muscular-generated explosive force that produces astounding clubhead speed must also be absorbed in order to avoid damaging joints and soft tissue. Failure to move efficiently with good postural alignment and control eventually diminishes performance and takes you out of the game.

Attempting to train with weights or basic body exercise programs may help you get stronger, but will not enhance the movements necessary for golf.

Yes, strength training is important, but it must be preceded by exercises that incorporate the building blocks of postural alignment, balance and control:

  • Movement
  • Joint mobility
  • Stabilization
  • Coordination
  • Integrated whole-body movements

Let’s look at two foundational exercises in GOLFFOREVER, which are the expressions of movement that will help build a powerful swing, body control and durability.

Hands and Knees Upper Back Spine Rotation

This fairly simple exercise, performed in a crawling position, promotes mid back rotation and the ability to make a more complete backswing.

Golfers who experience low back pain often demonstrate a significant lack of motion in their upper back and, as a result, over-rotate their lower back during the swing to compensate. Failure to correct this imbalance leads to further low back damage and compensations in other parts the body.

This is a perfect example of an exercise that addresses a movement deficit to restore body function. No amount of weight training or conditioning will correct this — it can only be addressed with an isolated exercise like the Hands and Knees Upper Back Rotation:

Hands and knees upper back rotation golf mobility exercise

Step Up Suitcase Hold

This is a slightly more challenging exercise, which is performed while standing to develop knee and hip extension strength as well as balance.

From an injury-prevention perspective, it develops the lateral hip and surrounding knee musculature to better absorb body weight and help with spine alignment and support. From a performance perspective, it builds hip extension force and lateral weight shifting ability for a more powerful swing.

Step up suitcase hold strength exercise

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