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You don't need a complicated exercise routine or expensive equipment to improve your posture, increase mobility, and relieve golf-related pain. Change comes with commitment. And whether you’ve never exercised before or exercise regularly, we provide a simple and effective program to help you get golf-fit from anywhere.
Weekly Golf Fitness Tip
A simple stretch to prepare your body to make powerful swings before you begin your round.

Jeremy James, Golfforever

Renowned pain specialist Dr. Jeremy James has spent a decade helping professional and Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 CEOs, and others from all walks of life overcome pain and get back to the sports, activities and daily life they love.

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It's one of the game's most valuable secrets. While often overlooked or misunderstood, golfers can benefit more from a simple golf exercise and mobility routine than spending the thousands of dollars on equipment and training aids many do every year.
Dr. Jeremy James, GOLFFOREVER Founder

Welcome to our new Fitness & Wellness Section

Morning Read and GOLFFOREVER have partnered to help our readers learn more about golf fitness and wellness, because we know just how much an exercise routine designed to safely improve flexibility, mobility and rotational power can benefit your golf game.

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