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Twiddling thumbs

With golf practically at a standstill, what are you doing with the extra time normally spent on golf?

Because of the shelter-in-place orders due to the coronavirus, most golfers have a bit more time on their hands than they normally would. So how are you filling the void?

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In answer to your question, I am playing more golf, not less. BC (before Coronavirus), I was playing on a championship course one to three times a week. DC (during Coronavirus) I am playing the championship courses three times a week and the executive courses twice a week.

Yes, I live in The Villages, Florida where there are 12 championship layouts — 10 with 27 holes and two with 18 holes. There 38 executive courses.

It is touchless golf. One person per cart — two if cohabitating. No cash, no receipts, no starter slips. No rakes, no water coolers and pvc pipes in the holes so neither the flag nor the hole itself is touched. Social distancing is enforced and speed of play is faster as each player goes to their own ball and social distancing cuts down on conversation.

I consider myself lucky and although it will lead to less golf, look forward to the BC days. Wishing everyone good health.

Cary B. Sternberg
The Villages, Fla.

All courses here in The Villages are open. That said, I am spending my time at the range and working on my putting game in my studio. Occasionally getting out on the course as a single. Not taking chances.

Paul Vicary
The Villages, Fla.

Started a new set of lessons before Ohio shut down. Have taken two spread out, which is a lot of time to work on the changes — four to go. No pressure to implement them and the stressed desire to see improvements in my game. I just keep practicing and hopefully when we get back to “normal” I’ll have a new stroke and lower index.

Roger Poyer
Cincinnati, Ohio

Working in the yard and squeezing in nine-hole rounds here and there. Walking with my push cart, plus a libation and cigar.

David Vella
Grapevine, Texas

I've changed the spikes and am constantly checking golf sites for discounts so that I can upgrade the clubs. I think the first chance New Jersey opens up golf in any form, we will be playing in great conditions. Can only hope I will be able to get a tee time. Not that I see it happening this month, but maybe by Memorial Day? I have my fingers crossed!

Matt Ferraro
Marlboro, N.J.

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