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Tour Edge debuts HL4 hybrids, iron-woods

Tour Edge Introduces High-Flying, Longer-Distance HL4 Hybrids and HL4 Iron-Woods

New HL4 line designed to be the leader in custom fit performance value

Tour Edge, Golf’s Most Solid Investment, today announced the launch of their new line of Hot Launch 4 hybrids and individual HL4 Iron-Woods.

Tour Edge hybrids and iron-woods have been setting standards for decades as industry pioneers in hybrid club advancements. The Tour Edge R&D team continues that tradition with the HL4 line.

The HL4 hybrids features a thinner and lighter forged 17-4 stainless steel crown that provides faster club and ball speeds, while also featuring higher MOI properties, which is a consistent performance upgrade throughout the entire HL4 line.


“The HL4 hybrids are as good as it gets because it achieves exactly what I designed it to do: hit the ball long, high and straight,” said Glod. “Get ready for the ultimate launching experience.”

The newly designed HL4 Iron-Wood features a re-designed shape with a thinner forged face for more spring-like effect and distance. The upgraded distance is about a club longer over the previous Hot Launch iron-woods.

“I put everything I’ve learned since launching the world’s first iron-wood over 15 years ago into the HL4 Iron-Wood for my most versatile design yet,” said Glod.

Glod coined and patented the iron-wood name in 1999 and is a leading designer in golf in hollow body irons.

HL4 is the fourth release in the award-winning Hot Launch series from Tour Edge founder and master club designer, David Glod. HL4 features a complete lineup from driver to irons, all designed to fill a niche as the best technology and performance at a mid-tier price point.

The new premium performance clubs will be available nationwide and globally on August 1st.

All HL4 custom fit orders will ship with Tour Edge’s unprecedented 48-hour delivery guarantee in the continental United States.

HL4 Hybrid
More weight in the sole of the HL4 Hybrid lowers the CG and raises MOI for optimal feel, launch and forgiveness.

Cup Face technology combined with Variable Face Thickness technology provides greater distance from more contact points on the face that results in better off-center hit distance.

The redesigned face of the HL4 Hybrid is thinner and produces more face flex and greater distance, making these hybrids the ideal long iron replacements for every level of golfer.

A high-toe face design delivers greater forgiveness and an expanded sweet spot across the face. The low-profile face design combined with a redistribution of weight into the sole lowers the center of gravity making this hybrid incredibly easy to launch.

HL4 Iron-Wood
Available individually or as a complete set, the newly designed HL4 Iron-Wood features increased head volumes for more forgiveness and a thinner forged face for more spring-like effect and distance.

The iron-wood combines a hollow hyper-steel body with a super-thin forged steel face for maximum club and ball speeds.

More weight in the sole of the clubhead combined with the perimeter weighting properties of a hollow body design increases launch angle and forgiveness on every shot.

The new Rear Inverted Crown technology lowers the CG for the highest-launching iron-woods to date.

Variable Face Thickness technology in both the hybrid and the iron-wood provides more contact points on the face that equates to better off-center hit distance.

The Power Channel on the sole behind the club face of both the hybrid and the iron-wood is wider and deeper for better weight distribution and increased face flexing. The Power Channel delivers amplified ball speed and less spin, as well as added forgiveness on shots struck lower on the face.

HL4 Custom Fitting
The Hot Launch series is designed to take advantage of the emerging growth segment of customization within the equipment market. Until the launch of Hot Launch by Tour Edge, the value segment of the custom fitting market had been largely under-serviced.

“We see HL4 as being the best value available in the custom fitting market,” said Glod. “That is why we created our 48-hour custom fitting delivery guarantee and why we are making a significant commitment to advertise HL4 heavily on the Golf Channel and elsewhere with the message of Get Fit. Spend Less. Play Better. We want to open up custom fitting to thousands of new golfers who are looking for innovation and performance at logical prices.”

Tour Edge plans to have over 750 custom fitting centers across the country that will feature the mobile HL4 custom fitting bag and their industry leading 48-hour guaranteed delivery on custom fit orders. All custom fit specific orders turned into Tour Edge by 2:30 PM Central standard time will be built at Tour Edge headquarters in Batavia, IL and shipped to any continental U.S. state in 48-hours time, either back to the Tour Edge fitting location or directly to the end consumer.

“We are aggressively marketing the message that every golfer should be getting custom fit, and that it is especially mid to high handicap players who have the most to gain by getting fit,” said Tour Edge Vice President of Marketing Jon Claffey. “Our goal is to open the flood gates on custom fitting and HL4 has proven to be the perfect product to accomplish this goal with its advanced technology, top-tier performance and amazing price structure.”

HL4 Hybrid and HL4 Iron-Wood Specs
The HL4 hybrid comes in 19, 22, 25 and 28 degree lofts. All lofts will be available in right and left-handed models. The HL4 hybrid will feature a retail price of $119.99.

The HL4 Iron-Wood is available in 18, 20, 23, 26, 29, 32, 36, 40, 44, 49, 54 and 59 degree lofts. All lofts will be available in right and left-handed models. The individual HL4 Iron-Wood will carry a price of $79.99 in KBS Tour 90 steel shafts and $89.99 in graphite.

The HL4 series features an upgraded UST Mamiya graphite shaft that offers enhanced tip stability. It is available in Ladies, A-flex, Regular and Stiff shafts ranging from 45 to 65 grams.

The line has also been upgraded to a Lamkin Z5 multi-compound grips that features distinct hand-placement zones. A larger Midsize grip is now available as a custom option on all HL4 products.

All HL4 clubs will be available August 1st at an authorized Tour Edge retailer. To find a Tour Edge retailer near you, call (800) 515-3343 or visit

Key HL4 Hybrid Technology

  • Thinner and lighter Forged Steel Crown for faster clubhead speed
  • High-launching shallow face/High toe design for higher launch
  • Redesigned higher CT/COR Cup Face design with Variable Face Thickness technology provides maximum power from more contact points on the face
  • Wider and deeper Power Channel redistributes weight and maximizes face flex
  • Upgraded UST Shaft
  • Upgraded Lamkin Z5 multi-compound grip
  • Expanded custom fitting options

Key HL4 Iron-Wood Technology

  • Available individually or as a complete set

All new re-designed shape will inspire confidence at address

  • Super-thin forged face for a powerful launch
  • Hollow hyper-steel body maximizes stability so every shot is powerful and accurate
  • Rear Inverted Crown lowers the CG for high launch
  • Progressing sole width, offset and top line in the set
  • Weighted sole positions more weight below the ball for high-flying shots
  • Wider and deeper Power Channel redistributes weight and maximizes face flex
  • Upgraded UST Shaft
  • Upgraded Lamkin Z5 multi-compound grip
  • Expanded custom fitting options

About Tour Edge
In 1986, David Glod founded Tour Edge with a focus on offering golfers with high quality and technologically advanced golf products that were as cutting edge as they were affordable.

He is now considered one of the preeminent master club designers in golf club design and has led Tour Edge to be a Top 10 manufacturer in every club category.

Tour Edge products have been put in play on the PGA TOUR, PGA Tour Champions, LPGA Tour and Tour, as well as European professional tours, and have been in play in every PGA TOUR major championship and in Ryder Cup competitions. This has led Tour Edge equipment to 21 wins on the PGA Tours (10 PGA TOUR, 10 PGA Tour Champions and one Tour victories.)

Since 2018, Tour Edge clubs earned 11 wins, 12 runner-up finishes, over 45 Top 5 finishes and over 75 Top 10 finishes on the PGA Tours.

Tour Edge, an American owned and operated company for more than 33 years, manufactures and sells golf clubs under three distinct brand names: Exotics, Hot Launch and Bazooka.

• Exotics products bring futuristic technologies to the marketplace with tour preferred designs and smaller production runs. Exotics clubs utilize higher-grade, avant-garde materials and manufacturing methods that have established Exotics as a leader in quality craftsmanship and to redefine what is possible in golf club performance.

• Hot Launch has forged a name for itself as a producer of high-quality premium game improvement golf clubs from driver to wedge. Hot Launch has proven to provide the greatest custom fit value in golf and includes an unprecedented guaranteed 48-hour custom fit delivery program.

• Bazooka represents Tour Edge’s Get In The Game products and the absolute best value available in golf, offering advancing players, beginners, women and juniors the best in playability and affordability.

All Exotics and Hot Launch clubs are hand built in the United States in Batavia, Illinois and then distributed throughout the world. Every Tour Edge club comes with a Lifetime Warranty and a 30-day play guarantee.

Media Contact:
Jon Claffey
Vice President of Marketing
Tour Edge Phone: 800-515-3343 Ex: 110