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Peakvision offers deal for Mother’s Day

Peakvision Sunglasses Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

(CONWAY, SC – May 7, 2019) – Peakvision Sunglasses, with the quality of their lens and the variety of styles offered, make the perfect gift for Mom.

“We at Peakvision respect and adore Moms and to honor Mothers' during this special time of year, we’re offering a 15% discount on every pair on our site at,” says David Feaser, CEO of Peakvision. “Moms deserve the best and we feel that Peakvision Sunglasses, with our proprietary lens material, provide our customers with the best lens technology in the industry.”

Peakvision separates itself from other sunglass' companies with patented dual-zone lens technology. The patented technology of the lens were designed by an optical scientist to provide advanced vision.

Peakvision’s Dual Zone hybrid lenses are made up of a 20% Neutral-Gray Upper Zone that manages oncoming glare, while the Lower Zone is comprised of a 60% Amber which increases contrast and allows for an impeccable read on the greens.”

“The lens also provide protection from the sun and glare,” adds Feaser. “Whether you’re golfing, boating, gardening, cycling, enjoying just about any activity outdoors, you’ll enjoy Peakvision and the high-definition ‘look’ you’ll get when you put a pair on.”

Peakvision's DG1 model

Peakvision's DG1 model

The styles and colors that most appeal to women include the white GX5, the AV1 and the DG1 in matte tortoise. The GX5 offers a full wrap-around design for superb coverage and come in black, white and royal blue. “The GX5 is our number-one seller,” says Feaser.

Women also enjoy the uber-stylish ‘aviator’ look, the AV1. Peakvision offers the AV1, a medium-size aviator with an excellent fit in both gold and silver.

The DG1 is a medium-sized Wayfarer that is extremely light-weight and is constructed with a nylon titanium composite. And the EOS style features a modern, round European design that offer a sophisticated look.

To order Peakvision and to get your 15% Mother’s Day discount, visit Peakvision ships the same day the order is placed.


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