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51 K-Motion-certified coaches win honor

March 21, 2019

K-MOTION Used by 51 Instructors on GOLF Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Teachers in America’

(SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.) K-MOTION – the leader in 3D evaluations and biofeedback training technology for coaches and athletes – congratulates the 51 K-MOTION certified coaches who were named to GOLF Magazine’s "Top 100 Teachers in America” list.

Some of the instructors honored on the prestigious list include Claude Harmon III, Martin Hall, Chuck Cook, Gary Gilchrist, Cheryl Anderson, Jon Tattersall, Mark Blackburn, John Dunigan, Bernie Najar and Andrew Rice. Each of the 51 teachers utilizes the wearable K-Motion 3D technology to precisely measure, asses, coach and train how the body moves to help their students achieve unparalleled results.

“This group of talented individuals deserves recognition for their invaluable contributions to the game of golf,” says K-MOTION CEO Michael Chu. “We’re proud that K-MOTION can play a vital role in the instruction lifecycle of the game’s elite coaches. By providing deeper understanding and more efficient training, K-MOTION is helping raise the performance of golfers of all skill levels.”

The biennial process, powered by GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers Credentials Committee, screens candidates against 15 baseline criteria, including their teaching experience and accomplishments, student portfolio and peer ratings, along with their overall commitment to the growth of the game, both through volunteerism and their ability to use digital platforms.

Working in close collaboration with many of these coaches, the company recently released two new features. First, the K-Coach Evaluation, which unlocks complex 3D swing data and translates it into easy-to-understand scores and visuals, so every coach and player can access and utilize this game changing information. Second, K-MOTION Tiles, which enable coaches and players to instantly see the 3D swing data tracked, making it golf’s first launch monitor for the body.

Beyond golf, Major League Baseball teams such as the Seattle Mariners, and National Hockey League teams, also use K-MOTION 3D products for better measurement and training. In February, K-MOTION was named as a finalist for the Yahoo! Sports Technology Awards in the “Best Technology for Elite Performance” category.

The industry leader in 3D wearable, motion-training technology that makes athletes better faster, K-MOTION products create a complete learning solution: from diagnosis, to supervised instruction, to unsupervised practice. Through patented real-time audio and visual cues, athletes can connect perception to reality and master perfect motion in seconds. K-MOTION creates a seamless connection between player and coach through its cloud-based improvement sequence of evaluate, coach and train.


K-MOTION is the industry leader in 3D wireless, human motion learning for sports, fitness and medical (physical therapy) applications. K-MOTION’s cloud-based products provide the complete learning solution to enhance the measurement, understanding, coaching and training of athletes. Medical grade inertial sensors capture 3D data that best-in-class software evaluates to enable deeper understanding of athletes and diagnose inefficient movement by revealing what the eye can’t see. This understanding is then applied through patented real-time audio and visual cues to coach and train athletes. K-MOTION athletes connect perception and reality to master perfect motion in seconds. According to Golf Digest, seven of the top-10 golf instructors in America use K-MOTION products for better training. In addition, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League teams apply the company's solutions. Titleist Performance Institute and other world-renowned fitness and movement coaches and physical therapists are brand ambassadors. The company has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nashua, New Hampshire and San Francisco, California.

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Chris Walling