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Father's Day? Nah, how about Christmas?
The new TS1 driver is part of Titleist's TS driver family, and was designed for players who have moderate swing speeds. [Photo: Titleist]

A short list of items for under the tree

When I was a kid, I never grasped why my father responded "I don't really want anything," when asked what he wanted for Father's Day. When I was finally out on my own, I figured he was just saying that to save me money.

Only after I had my first child did his response finally resonate. All he ever really wanted was to spend time with his kids, whether it was a phone call if we were far apart or sitting around watching the U.S. Open's final round and having dinner.

Sure, the books, shirts and golf balls were put to good use, but the collection of cards with hand-written notes meant more and were tucked away in a desk drawer next to his favorite chair. 

At Christmas, he still just wanted us kids around, but he loved opening presents with the rest of us.

So why not get a jump on the holiday shopping season? Here are some starting points.


There is a lot to like about the TaylorMade Designed by Peter Millar line, which offers a wide variety of patterns and colors in its polos. [Photo: TaylorMade Golf]

 This is kind of like when chocolate was introduced to peanut butter. The result is practically better than each one individually.

Two industry heavyweights — TaylorMade Golf and Peter Millar — have collaborated on a collection that reflects the best of both brands. The TaylorMade Designed by Peter Millar collection features polos (in six different patterns and multiple colors), pullovers and sweaters. The line ranges from $84 to $198.

Peter Millar has always been top shelf, not just for the products' quality construction and stylish designs, but for its attention to stay current. The line is made of high-end moisture-wicking fabrics with four-way stretch, odor control, shape retention, wrinkle resistance, UPF 50+ sun protection and easy-care.

 This gift may require buying some form of phone or tablet, but most likely just a verbal recommendation. 

The crew at SeeMore Putter Co. has gotten into podcasting with The Putting Couch, which is devoted to the part of the game that accounts for nearly 40 percent of a player's strokes.  The podcast delves into product development, but also features instructors and fitters, and other people tied to the art of putting. 


 It's a safe bet that many a dad never had a growler growing up, so be the one to turn him onto something new. 

The Reduce Growler comes in a 64-ounce size and will keep beverages — beer — cold for up to 36 hours, though why wait that long? The Growler has a leakproof and sweatproof design.

 For fathers and children who play golf together, there often comes a time when the child finally triumphs over father. The pride in that feat tends to run both ways.

So why would we want to give a gift that could make it even harder for us to take down ol' dad? Because he probably has his own goals still left to check off and what better way to help him than with some lessons or a clubfitting?

Golftec offers a variety of packages, including 60-minute swing evaluations, 30-minute lessons, 30-minute practice sessions and TecFit clubfitting sessions.

 Titleist's TS family of drivers continues to evolve with the latest edition being the TS1 driver. 

The ultra-lightweight driver, which weighs only 275 grams, is mainly geared for players who average a swing speed of up to 85 miles per hour and average 220 yards or less off the tee. 

“Anytime you can give someone more clubhead speed potential, the ability for them to generate ball speed is there," said Stephanie Luttrell, director, Metalwoods Development, Titleist Golf Club R&D. "Everything about TS1 – from the technology package to the tour-inspired look, sound and feel – makes this a TS driver and delivers on the promise of Titleist Speed.”

For the gearheads, literally everything about the TS1 is lighter. The club is 45 grams lighter than the TS2. The Fujikura Air Speeder and MCA Fubuki MV shafts weigh in at 40 and 45 grams, respectively, and the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Lite grip is 20 grams lighter than the standard model.

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