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What goes into your pre-shot routine and how long would you estimate it takes after your partner hits?

Where do you get your instructional tips from — Golf Channel, online, magazines, personal instruction? 

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LAST WEEK'S QUESTION: What goes into your pre-shot routine and how long would you estimate it takes after your partner has hit?

Even before it may be my turn to hit I’m picking out my line and the spot I want the ball to end up. When it’s my turn to hit, I get behind the ball recheck my spot, find a spot about a foot in front of the ball on that line. Then I take a couple of waggles, once or twice back for a half swing bring the club back to the ball, do a slight forward hand press and begin my swing. Nice and easy back and let it rip. It’s tempo baby. All in all from the time I address the ball it takes me 10-15 seconds.
— Don Moore | Warren, Pa.

I’m always ready with club in hand after my playing partner hits. I watch the flight of their ball to ensure we can find it. Then I step up to my ball, pause maybe 10 seconds while going over a few swing thoughts and then hit my ball. I rarely take practice swings. If I feel I need practice swings, then I do it while the other player is going through his routine. 

I golf with a Senior’s men’s club and many of them have very long routines. It can get frustrating waiting, so I try to speed up our group by being prepared and ready when I get to my ball. 

— Rick Himrich | Vancouver, Wash.

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