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Have you ever been to a club fitter?

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LAST WEEK'S QUESTION: Have you ever been to a club fitter? If yes, what was your experience?

I have been to a couple of club fitting places. Both were good. 

The first was at True Spec Golf in Highland Park, Ill. They locked me in on some good Callaway fairway woods. I learned how far off my Titleist fairway woods were from what I should have been playing, in terms of weight, length, and shaft. Shot making with my new fairway woods improved immediately. After testing several brands, the fitter explained why TaylorMade was not the brand for me since the numbers on TM were awful.

My recent fitting at Mistwood Golf Club, in Romeoville, Ill., was very good. Hitting from a bay into the outdoor range was helpful in seeing full ball flight. My fitter broke down the options, and I went with the new Callaway Epic Flash driver and Big Bertha irons. I went into the fitting looking at two other sets of irons, and came away with ones I would not have bought from the look. But they did deliver the results, so they will be in the bag when they arrive.

— Rory Spears | Arlington Heights, Ill.

Was living in Florida at the time, a single-digit handicap player from the regular tees. I went to a national club fitting chain for a driver fitting and will never do it again. Was willing to spend $100 on a promo for an hour fitting to see if I could pick up some extra yards. Numbers on the screen said we found a driver for an additional $208 — perhaps the fact I wasn't willing to spend $400-$500 played a part in this whole episode. The club arrived and I went in to have it gripped, the TaylorMade tip installed and the club swing weighted.

But first, I compared the graphics of the new one to the graphics of the demo I had been fitted with and immediately saw that the new one would play stiffer — over 1-inch — than the demo, and the guy says "you can't use the graphics to compare because the companies don't consistently have them in the same place. They are all over the place."

Knew that wasn't true and should have walked right then and there. Couldn't hit it a lick. Went back to having fun buying used/current model shafts online (eBay and a slew of other sites) because, after 50-plus years in and around the golf business, I know and understand my specs.

Will never even consider fitting again — and I can easily afford it. That wasted $308 could have been for four to eight trial shafts and a lot of fun. It wasn't fun being an idiot.

— Richard Hill | Austin, Texas

My experience with club fitting, while not unique, wasn't the norm.

Until being discontinued by Golf Magazine, I spent a week on the driving range and on the course as a club tester for the magazine's ClubTest issues. During our week we had access to a club fitting company, HotStix Golf. They tweaked different drivers and fitted different irons each day, between 10-12 drivers, 15-20 fairway woods, and 10-15 sets of irons. So I saw club fitting up close.

I enlisted HotStix to fit me when I was ready for a new set of irons. Having cheated by discovering a set of irons I really liked, I bought them before getting fitted. I took the irons to the HotStix facility, where they fit me into the proper shaft set for me. Having also cheated by being fitted for a driver while doing the ClubTest work, I purchased the driver and stock shaft. They both worked well for me.

My experience with club fitting was a most positive one, and would not only recommend to others, but plan to do it again when ready for a different set of clubs.

— Tommy Jennings | Winder, Ga.

Yes, I have had a set made for me and have $2,000 in them. I don't hit them any better than my Honmas. Big rip off and, while I'm on that subject, if these companies don't stop raising prices, they will kill the game of golf. It's a cash grab in my opinion.

— Terry Holloway | Cordova, S.C.

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