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Monster 413 Yard Drive Sets New World Record by Phillis Meti and Exotics EXS Driver


An Exotics driver by Tour Edge set a world record for longest drive ever in competition by a woman when Exotics staff player Phillis Meti hit a monster 413 yard drive live on Golf Channel with an Exotics EXS Driver. Meti actually hit two world record setting drives in a row with the Exotics EXS driver; a 408-yard drive preceded the 413 blast. 

Meti , the world’ s No. 1 ranked woman world long driver,  hit the Exotics EXS Driver to perfection to set two new world records and now owns the top three longest drives for a woman in history of long drive, all with Exotics drivers.

She has won two World Long Drive Championships with an Exotics driver.

The World No. 1 women’s long driver hit drives of 386 yards, 371 yards, and then 408 yards the shot before the 413 yard record setter, meaning Meti actually broke the World Record twice in a row and the top three longest drives in history have now been recorded by Meti and an Exotics driver.

“To have Phillis and the Exotics EXS Driver, a driver that we named the pound for pound best in the market, to set two new world records against all the other drivers using the same golf ball, is just amazing,” said said Tour Edge President and Master Club Designer David Glod. “We knew Phillis loved the driver head and that she would represent with some big numbers, but the numbers she put up with EXS just blew away the competition.”

On her 413 yarder, she recorded a 127 MPH club head speed and a 182 MPH ball speed with a 117 foot height apex.

 “It hasn’t really even sunk in,” said Meti. “I didn’t even think that was possible. That’s probably the fastest I’ve ever swung it to be honest. Hopefully I can stay on this path and keep riding the rollercoaster for the rest of the season.”

Meti won the 2018 World Long Drive Championship with an Exotics driver, her 2nd World Long Drive Championship in the last three years playing Exotics.

“The EXS driver is a $299 driver that has now won numerous awards and that has been put into play on the PGA Tours, but this takes the cake .For Phillis to hit 408 and 413 and produce those kind of ball speed numbers means that she is extremely great long driver and that the EXS is the perfect fit and the perfect driver for her quest to become the world’s greatest.”


The New Zealander has a strong history with World Long Drive as the World Long Drive Champion (2006, 2016, and 2018), World Long Drive Runner-Up (2007, 2008).

This means that Meti has won the World title three times, finished 2nd twice and finished third once in the six Worlds’ she has competed in since winning in 2006.

Watch video of Phillis Meti setting the new world record with a 413 yard drive with her Exotics EXS Driver here:

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