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What characteristics do you look for most in a golf club?

Have you ever been to a club fitter? If yes, what was your experience?

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LAST WEEK'S QUESTION: What characteristics do you look for most in a golf club?

I came across the idea of MOI (Moment of Inertia) from Doc Griffin, a clubfitter from South Carolina and Tom Wishon Golf Technology. It is true that if the MOI matches each club, then they all feel the same swinging them.

Second, I switched to single-length clubs and your set-up each time is the same. In retirement, I had time to do research and those are two things I found that might help others.

— Dan Gaertner | Cambridge Wis.

Ball speed is the data point that gets my attention. The club head that produces the highest smash factor is the one that I want to adjust for best shaft flex, balance point and MOI. You can’t make a Ferrari out of a pickup truck, but you can make a Ferrari go super fast.

— Rod Clemmons | Lebanon, Tenn. 

I look for a club that produces a pure feel, long, straight and boring flight, which will stop within 6 feet of the pin every time I pull it from the bag. Still looking.

— Paul Vicary | The Villages, Fla.

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