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You've been invited to play in a one-club tournament, which club would you select to use and why?

How much does a player's performance — such as Tiger Woods winning the Masters — influence your equipment buying decisions?

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LAST WEEK'S QUESTION: You've been invited to play in a one-club tournament, which club would you select to use and why?  

My 24-degree muscle back approach cleek (circa 1928). Imparts significant top spin for distance, great for approach shots from the fairway and around the green. As a lefty, the backside of the muscle back provides a square-faced putter. This would only be a choice on classic courses where one can play a ground game.

— Jay M. Mickle | Southern Pines, N.C.

The 7-iron. I’d get decent distance from the tee and approach shots. I can choke down for chips and “belly the ball” for putts.

— Stanley B. Silber | Schuyler Lake, N.Y. 

The 8-iron is my steady 150-yard club. That gets me on or near the green from the senior tees most often. I’ve also used it for various lies when chipping, so would feel most comfortable with it around the greens. Pitching would however be the biggest challenge. Getting the ball to stop on a 60-yard shot may be next to impossible. Putting with irons is something I do often when playing a practice round and in a hurry, so no problem there. As far as sand goes, I saw an instructional video that encouraged his students to use a 7-iron, laid wide open, out of the sand just to prove they could do it. I did and it was a great confidence builder.

— Rick L. Himrich | Vancouver, Wash.

My favorite club would be the 7-iron. Not as long as some would choose, but the additional loft might help me more around the greens or out of a bunker.

— Sterling Rice | Cincinnati, Ohio

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