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As the golf season starts cranking up, what specific areas of improvement will you be working on this year?

How particular are you about the golf ball that you play? Can it be nicked and scuffed or does it have to be good as new? What brand do you play?

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LAST WEEK'S QUESTION: As the golf season starts cranking up around the country, what specific areas of improvement will you be working on this year?

As my teacher, Mike Blackburn, always reminds me, “complete your backswing, don’t rush the downswing and get to your left side."

— Bill Boutwell | Jacksonville, Fla.

MARCH 1 QUESTION: How many putters — or best guesstimate — have you used through the years and which was your favorite?  

I have probably had between 25 and 30 putters over the years. I currently use a high-end Scotty Cameron putter and it is wonderful. I started using it because it was a gift from my wife. However, the biggest "Wow" moment for me was my first ever two-ball putter. It was when they were first introduced and I won a putting contest. They handed me the two-ball and it looked to me like the hood ornament off an old Studebaker. I thought maybe the pro shop was trying to clean out old inventory. I started putting with it as a hoot and all of the sudden it got my attention. Solid feel ... putts on line and my putts per round diminished by about four per round. At that point who cares what it looks like.

— Steve Scholtz | Cincinnati, Ohio

FEBRUARY 22 QUESTION: What training aid has improved your game the most?

My two favorite training aids are Ben Hogan’s book, “Five Lessons,” which I go to a couple of times throughout the golf season as a refresher. Then I use the Feel the Stretch training aid. I use it, on average, three times a week even during the offseason. It’s kept me limber and helped improve my club path to be more consistent. 

— Don Moore | Warren, Pa.

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