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Tour Edge Template Series pays homage
The Cape is one of six putters in a line that incorporates elements of distinctive holes. [Photo: Tour Edge Golf]

If putting is more art than science, then Tour Edge Golf’s new Pure Feel Template Series putter line offers an array of flatsticks for any type of stroke and eye.

The series features three blade designs, two mallets and a semi-mallet. Unique in its branding, the Template moniker was selected as an ode to a series of golf holes that are special to the game. The blades are known as Cape, Eden and Road; the mallets are called Alps and Biarritz; and the semi-mallet has the insignia Redan. 

Keeping with the theme, Tour Edge master club designer David Glod and company engineers incorporated elements of the distinctive holes into each putter design. For example, the Redan model subtly incorporates a 45-degree hosel-to-head angle in its look and is one of the line’s most eye-pleasing designs. This is a tribute to the 45-degree angled characteristic of a Redan golf hole such as No. 4 at National Golf Links of America on Long Island, N.Y. 


The Alps is one of two mallet-style putters in the new Pure Feel Template Series. [Photo: Tour Edge Golf]

The theme follows throughout the entire line. The idea came to the fore when company officials considered that a Template golf hole in course design is a hole so perfect that it was set aside as the ideal example of how future holes should be layed out. Tour Edge engineers set out to mirror the same principles, philosophy and shapes in the Template series.

Beyond the visual appeal, there’s plenty under the hood technology-wise, including CBC micro grooves on the face that prevents putts from skidding and provides a true, end-over-end roll on any type of surface. The series also utilizes 304-Stainless Steel with a bead-blasted topline to eliminate distracting glare. Additionally, each putter has a thicker, white alignment line that is framed by black on both sides to aid with alignment. Weight-wise, the Anser-style Eden is the lightest of the contingent, while the Alps is the heaviest.

Talk to model creators and golfers and they will most likely note one of the best parts of the putters is the oversized PureFeel TAC grip, which is manufactured from an original thermal plastic. Using a proprietary process called Thermal Plastic Suspension Polymerization, or T.P.S.P., ultimately SP SuperTac polymer spheres form white dots situated on a black thermal plastic base on the grip. The tacky grip material has some of the same components found on the gloves worn by wide receivers in football. The result promotes increased feel, responsiveness — and more made putts.   

“We just kind of stumbled upon it and when we started testing it, we said, ‘Wow, I think we’re on to something here,'" said Jon Claffey, vice president of marketing at Tour Edge Golf. “Nobody has used anything quite like this before. The closest thing we’ve found in the manufacturing process is the tacky wide receiver gloves. What we really love about it is the tackiness never goes away, even in different weather conditions and over time. 

“It is nice to have something out there that no one else has ever provided because golfers take notice. Once they try it, they say, ‘Wow, I really, really like this.’ ”     

An oversized grip prevents an accuracy-killing handsy action and creates a responsive feel that endures. All told, combine the line’s elements and aesthetics and company officials believe they have their best putter offering yet.

“The first thing you will notice about all six of these new designs is the classic mirror stainless look,” Glod said. “They are sleek designs and have a distinct, double-chrome finish with a silver frosted premium look and feel to them. The next thing you’ll notice is the unique oversized Pure Feel TAC grip. It’s a new material that is extremely tacky that we’ve started perfecting.”

Put the whole equation together and the putters have everything golfers would want to make them a suitable gamer at a nice value. The putters recently impressed a group during a presentation at a PGA Tour Superstore, according to Claffey. 

“There is a little bit of everything for everybody,” Claffey says. “We think we’ve pretty much nailed the entire spectrum with the Template series.”

And the putters come at a price point ($99.99) that won’t burn a hole in players’ wallets. The company takes pride in the product’s value.

“We’re really trying to provide everything possible innovation-wise that are in all the different high-end putters,” Claffey said. “A big part of what we do is making sure that we’re making a club for every type of golfer out there, not just the very best players who play all the time and the country club players, so to speak. We’re servicing the weekend warriors who might be playing 10 to 12 times a year and those playing four to six times a year. We want to make sure that we are a one-stop shop for every type golfer that there is.”  

The new line comes in lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches. The Biarritz and Eden putters are available in both right-handed and left-handed models.

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Andrew Blair is a writer from Glen Allen, Va.


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