Course of Life Podcast

Recapping a crazy, surreal year in golf (and in life)

Course of Life Podcast

As 2020 comes to a close, hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell recap this unique and surreal year, which actually was a great year for those who play the game. Plus, they look back at the pro tours' crazy returns last summer, golf without galleries and the rise of social-justice causes on the tours.

The hosts also recap their own lives this year, including Lauzon's memorable interviews with the likes of Tanner BeardMei Brennan, and Ron del Barrio, and Russell's newfound glory as a home baker.

During the past week, Lauzon was focused on several sports on his TV, while Russell found time for the new Pixar movie, Soul.

Ryan Ballengee joins the show to chat with Lauzon and offer his own memories of 2020, plus a peek at what ight be in store for 2021.

College football rolls in with the playoffs, and Lauzon quickly makes some predictions. Meanwhile, Russell's New York Giants are still in the hunt (somehow), and he can't wait.

It's all New Year's plans as the guys #AlwaysEndWithFood, and that means snacks, snacks, snacks!

Hit the play button above to listen, and look for more new episodes coming to the Morning Read Podcast Network in 2021.

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