Claude Brousseau

Claude Brousseau is a PGA Master Professional and the Director of Instruction at the Maui School of Golf. He’s also Golf Channel’s lead instructor for the state of Hawaii and a certified AimPoint Instructor and VISION54 coach. He has produced hundreds of instructional videos, and written numerous articles for publications in the U.S., France and Canada. He’s also written a book, “Realize Your Golfing Potential: Unlock the Secrets of a Proficient Short Game.” His awards include:

2016 Aloha Section PGA Horton Smith Award recipient
2015 & 2008 Aloha Section PGA Teacher of the Year Award recipient
2015-2018 BEST TEACHERS BY STATE by Golf Digest
2014 Aloha Section PGA Bill Strausbaugh Award recipient
2008 Top Instructor in Hawaii by Golfing Magazine