Len Ziehm

After 50-plus years reporting on golf for mainly Chicago publications, Ziehm is a lousy retiree. After 41 years at the Chicago Sun-Times covering a variety of sports (but always golf), Ziehm is in his 10th year as golf columnist for the Daily Herald chain of Chicago-area newspapers and his 30th with monthly Chicagoland Golf. He also is a feature writer for the Illinois PGA website and a regular contributor to Chicago District Golfer. Ziehm has covered 28 U.S. Opens, 11 Masters, 19 PGA Championships, five U.S. Women’s Opens and the last 34 stagings of the late, great Western Open. Since retiring from the Sun-Times in 2010, he has taken on travel-writing projects and has written on golf destinations in 30-plus states. In October, Ziehm will be inducted into the Illinois Golf Hall of Fame.

Email: lenziehm@gmail.com
Twitter: @ZiehmLen
Facebook: @Len Ziehm on Golf
Instagram: len.ziehm

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