How to create a plan for becoming stronger, more mobile

18Strong — EP315 — Kevin Carr

Strength coach Kevin Carr joins "18Strong" to talk about a practical plan that every golfer can use to become stronger and more mobile.

Carr is a strength coach and manager at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Boston, co-founder of Movement as Medicine, the creator of the Functional Strength Coach Certification and author of Functional Training Anatomy. 

Episode Highlights
> Where he started and how he got connected with Mike Boyle at MBSC through an internship very early in his career and what he learned from Boyle and others at MBSC.
> How he defines functional training as the most useful approach to getting the average athlete to perform better and attain specific goals as well as dispelling the confusion around how it gets misrepresented.
> A dive into Functional Training Anatomy as he expands on some key topics such as how they pick the exercises they do, his philosophy on movement prep and how they structure workouts, mobility versus flexibility and more.
> The importance of medicine ball work and plyometrics for the everyday golfer and how to implement it into a workout. We also talk on the concept of how you can’t get faster when you’re tired and the importance of putting these exercises in the beginning of your workout.
> His research and anecdotal experiences from working at MBSC that has changed his perspectives on different training philosophies and how everyone goes through the same introductory program but each approach is tailored to the athlete and their body composition goals. 
> He also talks about the biggest lessons that he would pass on to future coaches and what are the habits of a high-functioning coach and athlete.

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