3 things you can do today to get in the best golf shape of your life

As we move into February, most of the New Year’s resolutions that millions of golfers set at the start of 2021 are likely dead or fizzled to a smolder.

But is that really how it has to be? Are you really willing to just slip back into the old routines and wait for another year to pass, then look back and wish you had done something different?

Why wait? You can make this the strongest year of golf you have ever had. In this episode of the "18STRONG" podcast, host Jeff Pelizzaro shares three of the biggest “secrets” that can help you get in the best golf shape of your life. (Hint: they are really very common sense, but since actually executing them is rare, it makes people feel better if they think it’s a secret they didn’t know about.)

They are not just recommendations, or conceptual tactics, but the exact principles Pelizzaro used with a small, very private group of golfers who achieved incredible results in 12 weeks, including weight loss, strength, clubhead speed, ability to walk and carry, and most importantly a newfound (or rekindled) enjoyment of the game.

Hit the play button above to listen, and look for more new episodes of the 18STRONG Podcast coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

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