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Who is the greatest athlete to wear No. 18?

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It's November, and Season 2 of the 0 to 100 Podcast is almost complete, Nate, The Rock, The Producer and Gatz first debate whether pumpkin pie is actually good before diving into jersey number 18. With the lack of depth of high-profile athletes to wear number 18, the guys were able to focus on a core group of contenders, including Peyton Manning, Dave Cowens and Darryl Strawberry.

Take a listen as Nate looks to regain momentum in the Thursday night NFL pick 'em standings, while The Rock and Treggy look to defend the top spot. There's no need to call "Omaha" here! Simply press play, and let the good times roll.

Hit the play button above to listen, and look for more new episodes coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network.

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