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Who is the greatest athlete to wear No. 17?

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Who is the greatest athlete to ever wear No. 17? It's the latest debate for the guys at the 0 to 100 Podcast.

As they near the end of their second season (debating Nos. 10-19), the decisions have been difficult as the cross-sport comparisons become challenging. No. 17 is no different. Who is the best to wear 17? It was mostly a basketball-vs.-football debate, as finalists include Chris Mullin, John Havlicek, Lance Berkman and Todd Helton.

They also discuss which players deserve to be on the latest Major League Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, and who should be removed.

Hit the play button above to listen, and look for more new episodes of the 0 to 100 Podcast coming soon to the Morning Read Podcast Network. Next up: No. 18.

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