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August 12, 2017

Buck, Johnson excel in family business 

Following in the footsteps of great fathers never has been easy. Second-generation sports broadcasters Joe Buck and Ernie Johnson have done it very well (“TNT’s Johnson disarms haters at PGA,” Aug. 11,

Buck sometimes comes across as a bit standoffish, even though he probably isn't. Johnson comes across as your best friend to whom you could tell your problems and he would not judge you. Perception, not necessarily reality, is the key.

As for the golf coverage, TNT has one huge leg up on Fox: the benefit of the CBS production crew calling the shots, so to speak. Fox has no legitimate chance against producer Lance Barrow, director Steve Milton, et al. That is the real difference.

Bob Geismar
Boca Raton, Fla.


All ears for Ernie Johnson 

I’m no Joe Buck fan when it comes to golf, but I’ll take him over Mr. Useless Detail, aka “how many words can I fit into 30 seconds” Mike Tirico, any day. Or better yet, just mute the TV when Buck or Tirico is on.


Ernie Johnson is a kind-hearted, well-prepared professional who never takes himself too seriously (unlike the two knuckleheads mentioned above). For that reason alone, I like him.

Kevin Humphreys
Madison, Miss.


LPGA setups give players short shrift

One of your readers questioned the course setup for the recent Women’s British Open at Kingsbarns Golf Links in Scotland (“From the Morning Read inbox,” Aug. 9, I’d like to have commissioner Mike Whan explain the setups at LPGA tournaments. These women are the best in the world, and what we see week to week are short setups that don’t test all clubs in the bag.

They regularly play courses in the 6,300-yard range. We see lots of par 4s of less than 400 yards. 

Let’s pick two lengths of course for illustration: 6,350 yards and 6,850 yards. There are four par 3s and four par 5s, leaving 10 par 4s. Assuming the par 3s average 155 yards and the par 5s average 490 yards, we will take out the yardage of the 3s and 5s to find the yardage for the 4s. This would leave 3,770 yards and 4,270 yards for the two examples.

If we subtract the average drive for the 79th-ranked player in the stats, which is 252.5 yards and the midpoint on the rankings, we get an average shot distance to the par 4s for the shorter course of 124.5 yards and the longer one at 174.5 yards.

These are the best female players in the world, and having them hitting to par 4s from 124.5 yards is not much of a test of their skills. It explains why the scores are so low.

Michael Merrill
McKinney, Texas


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