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April 7, 2017

Mickelson’s comments hit the mark

Congrats to Phil Mickelson for coming out and saying that (“Mickelson calls out Tour brethren for moving marks,” April 5, I'm a 30-year PGA professional and couldn't agree more.

The LPGA should be ashamed of its handling of the situation and the integrity of the game. In what other sport can a TV home spectator change the outcome of any event? I saw a holding penalty at the Super Bowl on Sunday. Can I call the NFL on Monday and change the outcome?

Golf doesn't have referees, as in other sports, to monitor the actions of the event. Maybe the answer is put a referee in every group to oversee each player’s actions. At the completion of the hole, with no contesting issues, the score is official.

It's unfortunate that the leading players each week have the highest TV exposure and can be focused on. What about the 100 players who aren't looked at?

Thanks, Phil. I'm embarrassed not only for Lexi Thompson but also for the integrity of the game and the LPGA. Something must be done to stop TV wannabe rules officials.

Douglas Miller
Bethpage, N.Y.


Thompson penalty seems to be only half right

I agree with the fact that Lexi Thompson broke the rules when marking her ball and placing the ball in a different spot on the green and she should have been assessed a two-stroke penalty (“Harrington knows Thompson’s pain but supports golf rules,” April 6,

However, I find it difficult to understand how a player can be assessed a two-stroke penalty for signing for the wrong score for Saturday’sround when the person was assessed the penalty during Sunday’s round. I don’t understand how giving the additional two strokes can “protect the whole field,” as Padraig Harrington stated.

I think most of us agree that a rule was broken and a penalty should have been assessed. We just don’t agree with the LPGA’s decision to assess her four strokes instead of being reasonable about the situation and assess her a two-stroke penalty. Give the other two strokes to the person who sent the email. 

Sparky Stuckenschneider
Washington, Mo.


Show more golf, less pageantry from Augusta

I just read your article on Masters coverage and agree with you completely (“You can watch Masters all day, but it won’t be easy,” April 6,

I’m so tired of hearing about tradition, pageantry and B.S., but we can't watch golf. They have the top players in the world and should be showing from the first tee in the morning to the last tee in the afternoon.

Robert Kussow


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