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December 6, 2017

Welcome back, Tiger

I did not watch Tiger Woods and the first round of the Hero World Challenge. I checked in online on my PGA Tour app shortly after my round on Friday morning to see that the dude was 7 under. Who takes off two years and shoots 69-68? That’s amazing (“Woods turns back clock: ‘I did great’,” Dec. 1,

I always admired Woods’ prowess on the course and hated his behavior off of it. And, that was well before he was exposed (“Woods needs help, and his life might depend on it,” May 31,

I watched him as I watched Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino. I sort of compared him to a super Nicklaus on the course and Ray Floyd off it. But I watched. He was – past tense – the greatest of all time. Even Nicklaus knew it.

I’m happy he’s back playing (“Is Woods back? Yes, and get ready for more,” Dec. 4, I’ll be watching. Well done, Tiger.

David Pope

Sneads Ferry, N.C.

What about the other 17 guys?

I’m glad to see that Tiger Woods is healthy and swinging well. I watched all four days of the Hero World Challenge. The broadcasts showed every shot he took, all 280 or so . . . then watched him discuss them while they were replayed.

Is that textbook broadcasting excellence, or what?

It’s disappointing when 17 of the world’s best show up and the program becomes a documentary about one player, even if it is Tiger.

Timothy S. Wyld

Bluffton, S.C.

Golf needs to move beyond Woods

For the game of golf, it is good that Tiger Woods has returned and seems to be fairly capable of playing without pain. I don’t think anyone expected him to win the Hero World Challenge, but I also don’t believe people expected him to play as well as he did.

There is no question as to how much he has meant to modern golf, and the question will always remain: Is he better than Nicklaus?

My concern is not what his legacy will be; that is pretty well established. My concern is how fixated the press is with focusing on every move, every shot, every word he speaks, with very little focus on the rest of the field.

Woods’ time has passed, as far as being a dominant player, even though he may win again. If the game is going to grow, the press needs to focus on the new breed. 

Russ Friedewald

Riverton, Ill.

Hoffmann isn’t the only ‘lucky’ one

I just got through reading Morgan Hoffmann’s article “So Damn Lucky” on The Players’ Tribune website and realized how “lucky” we all are to be able to live our lives in this wonderful country (“In the news,” Dec. 5,

In these times where everything seems to be based on the negatives, it was such a change to read of this young man, so focused on the positives that life has dealt him. I encourage everyone to read this well-written piece ( It will, hopefully, get you thinking about how “lucky” we are.

Dick Greenwood

Ormond Beach, Fla.

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